Kyoto Institute of Culture and Language

The three pillars of our program are "acquiring practical Japanese language skills", "understanding Japan through experience", and "building a broad network with people from all over the world". In addition to compulsory classes, we also offer elective classes for understanding Japan, and the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities at the university. Students of KICL and the university interact on a daily basis. Furthermore, through interaction with local people, students learn a wide range of Japanese language skills and a deeper understanding of Japan.

No. of Students 210
No. of Classes 12
Class Size 11 - 15 students
No. of Levels 7
Major Nationalities represented Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, America, China
Age Requirement 18 (Applicants must have completed at least 12 years of education and must be qualified to enter higher education in their home countries and Japan.)
Start Dates Regular Course:April / October Summer Course:Middle of July
Minimum Enrollment Length Regualr Course:6 months  Summer Course:3 weeks
Accommodation School Dormitories, Apartments(accommodation support service is available ), Homestay
School Details

●Multinational student body (About 30 countries)
●Many opportunities for conversation and presentation, so students can learn "useful" Japanese
●Curriculum incorporates cultural experiences
●Cooperation with Kyoto University of the Arts (cafeteria, library, health center and other facilities, participation in university clubs, etc.)
●Art Preparatory Class (elective course specialized in preparing students to enter art universities)
●Guidance and support for study according to each student's goals
●Elective courses for JLPT preparation, EJU preparation, and job hunting
●Office language support (Chinese, English, Korean)