Japanese Language School + Homestay Program

The secret of success in a foreign language is a good balance of “Study” and “Practice”, and in this program you can do both! Having a host family to try out what you learned in class is a really can help improve your Japanese language skills and boost confidence. School dormitories and apartments have their good points, but a homestay really gives you a taste of what it’s like to live in Japan.
We can help choose the course right for you (language course, location, prices, etc.) so ask us for more information!

  • Improve your Japanese : Homestay + language school is a win-win situation! Use the Japanese you learned in class every day in real life situations.
  • Experience a bit of everyday life in Japan : Homestay will give you a new perspective on the country and people.
  • Make a home away from home : Make friendships you will treasure for life!
  • Studying at a language school is the best way to learn correct Japanese.

What is included in the program fees.

  • Orientation Fee
  • Homestay Registration/Application Fees
  • Homestay Accommodation Fees ("Breakfast & Dinner plan" or "Breakfast plan")
  • 24-hour Emergency Support
  • Language school application fees
  • Language school registration fees and tuition