What is Cool Japan program?

Course Information

"Travelling in Japan sounds like fun ,but I want to try something…different !"
If you have ever found yourself thinking that , well ,we have the perfect program for you! You can enjoy a homestay and study Japanese in this 1 week intensive language and homestay program. Not just a trip, a homestay is a great oppotunity to learn about Japan and its people. It's the perfect course people aiming to improve their Japanese skill or study in Japan in the future.

5 reasons our course is better

  1. Everything is included in the price of the course. (Transportation service from the airport to your homestay, school tuition and homestay fees are all included so applying for the course is simple.)
  2. Don't speak Japanese? No problem. Classes for complete beginner to advanced are available for any level of student.
  3. Members of our staff visit each and every homestay family before registration to ensure a quality stay.
  4. Lessons last only half of the day leaving you free to explore on your own or relax with friends. Enjoy Japan!
  5. 24-hour emergency support with English speaking staff.。

Japanese Language school and Classes -about Interculture Istitute of Japan-

Effective Short-Term Course

The short term course focuses on communication skills needed to learn to speak Japanese in short period. The most important point to communicate in Japanese is knowing how to talk to people. You will learn how to use polite, friendly and honorific speech early in your course , giving you the skills you need to start communicating immediately. By studying communication skills first and less-used phrases and vocabulary later in the course, you will not get stuck at the med-beginner level as many people do.

Japanese Class Details

In the Weekly Course, you will leave class each day with a new skill. You'll be able to say "Today, I learned how to do_in Japanese. "Each class is based on a different communication skill theme, so it's easy to feel your own progress. During special intonation and speech training periods, you will practice the phrases you learn until you can use them correctly and accurately. During kanji class, you will learn the written characters you see in everyday life and around you in Japan. You will also improve your Japanese pronunciation and intonation through shadowing and other methods.

Included in the price of the course

  • School registration fee
  • Tuition
  • One-way transportation service from Narita or Haneda Airport to your homestay
  • Homestay arrangement fee
  • Homestay fee (breakfast and dinner included) *No lunch included