About the Japanese Teacher Online Homestay Program

 Your host will be a qualified Japanese language teacher or will have completed a Japanese language education course designated by Nextage and will teach you Japanese lessons online. However, the program is more than simply Japanese lessons -- you will have a chance to talk and interact with your Japanese host family, take a walk with your host family around the neighborhood, or learn how to make a Japanese dish – a unique experience that will give you a taste of what it feels like to homestay in Japan.

Program Schedule (example)

Online Lesson(35min)Online Lesson(35min)Online Lesson(35min)Online Lesson(35min)Online Lesson(35min)“Walk & Talk” or “Cooking Lesson”(30min)
Family Time interactions(15min)Family Time interactions(15min)Family Time interactions(15min)Family Time interactions(15min)Family Time interactions(15min)

 In general, the course is designed to last one week or 3days. However, if you are interested in a longer or shorter course, feel free to contact us. Also, when you apply for the program, we will ask you about your current level of Japanese ability and tailor the course and lessons to fit your level. Lessons are currently available for Beginner and up to Intermediate level students.

 Each weekday, you will take one 35 minute online Japanese lesson with your Japanese host teacher. After the lesson, you will have the opportunity to use what you learned in the lesson during a 15 minute Family Time interaction with your host family. Using what you learn in class in real-life conversation is key to improving your Japanese skills. Lesson times are generally not fixed; instead, you will consult with your teacher and decide your lesson schedule. In the case that all 5 lessons are not possible in one week, don’t worry; we can reschedule for a different day the next week.

 As for your Activity, you can choose from “Walk & Talk” or “Cooking Lesson” when you apply for your program. Each activity is 30 minutes. During “Walk & Talk”, your host will introduce you to the sights and sounds of everyday Japan as you follow along on a walk around your host’s neighborhood.

 In the “Cooking Lesson”, you and your host will set up your smart phone or PC camera in the kitchen and enjoy cooking together, following your Japanese host’s instructions. As for what dish to make, be sure to discuss what dishes are possible using the ingredients available in your home country. In the case that Internet connectivity is poor or unavailable, a cooking video will be made available for you to watch and follow at a later date.

Program Features

 This program is a step above regular online Japanese lessons as it offers several unique aspects.

<1> You will see real improvement in your Japanese conversation skill

  • Lessons are available for Beginner to Intermediate level students
  • You can use what you learn in class immediately with your host family to improve your conversation skill.
  • You can improve your pronunciation and hearing skills by listening to your host family.
  • You can learn natural Japanese expressions and words not found in your textbook by interacting with your family.
  • You can get a taste of what it’s like to homestay in Japan through Activities and Family Time, even if it’s not possible for you to physically travel to Japan.

<2> You can get a Virtual Experience of life in Japan—while you are in your own country!

  • Get an idea of what it’s like to live in a typical Japanese house.
  • Get a taste of the everyday sights and sounds of the neighborhood in Japan.
  • Get a taste of Japanese style cooking while improving your own skills in the kitchen.

<3> You can enjoy communication with Japanese people

  • Enjoy talking about your favorite topics such as manga, anime, or anything else you are interested in.
  • Plus, you will have someone you can visit when you get the chance to visit Japan in person!

*You can get a taste of what it’s like to homestay in Japan through Activities and Family Time, even if it’s not possible for you to physically travel to Japan.

*An Online Chat Service is available anytime for participants in this program. Are you wondering how to say something in Japanese? You can ask us using our Online Chat Service. We can also help you with any advice you need planning to visit Japan in the future.

Customers’ feedback

Mr. J.D.

Host teacher was an amazing teacher! She is very friendly and patient and has an extensive knowledge on how to teach people who do not speak very much Japanese! I owe my success to her!

Ms. A.D.

I really enjoyed the Online Homestay Programm. My host family was very kind and supportive. The cooking lesson was really fun and I learned a lot while practicing Japanese through nice conversation. I hope to keep in touch with my host family in the future as well.
I want to thank you for organizing the Online Homestay Programm and the fantastic experience.

Mr. C.P.

I have fun and good experience on the course.
I'm looking forward to the next course and might recommend friends as well.

Ms. M.F.

The homestay was really welcomed. I could practice my Japanese and it's a good immersion into Japanese life. Moreover, my host family was so kind. Thank you for this experience !

Mr. H.E.

Very lovely and enthusiastic family that helped me with all my questions and had a good understanding in our conversations.

Ms. A.A.

My interaction with my host family was one of the most interesting things I have done all summer, they are lively, kind and lots of fun. please do extend my gratitude to them and I appreciate all your work for setting up this experience.

Program Pricing and Fees

*Course Fee payments can be made by Visa Card or Master Card.

1 week course: 40,000 JPY

What’s Included:
 ・Five 35 minute Japanese lessons
 ・Original Japanese Lesson Text Fee 
 ・Five 15 minute Family Time interactions
 ・One Activity (30 minute Walk & Talk or 30 minute Cooking Lesson)

3 day course: 20,000 JPY

 What’s Included:
 ・Two 35 minute Japanese lessons 
 ・Original Japanese Lesson Text Fee 
 ・Two 15 minute Family Time interactions
 ・One Activity (30 minute Walk & Talk or 30 minute Cooking Lesson)

Trial course: 16,000 JPY

 What’s Included:
 ・One 35 minute Japanese lessons 
 ・Original Japanese Lesson Text Fee 
 ・One 15 minute Family Time interactions
 ・One Activity (30 minute Walk & Talk or 30 minute Cooking Lesson)

How to Apply

Note: Please be sure to register for a free Skype account and confirm that it works before applying for the program.

① Fill out the Application Form
We’ll ask you for your information and Japanese level, etc.
② You will receive a confirmation email
・A member of our friendly staff will send you an email confirming your application
・After confirming the details, you can pay the program fees by Visa Card or Master Card.
③ We’ll send you an email with your Course Details
・Make sure to ask us if you have any questions about your course
・Afterwards, you will receive an email with details about your Host Family
➃ That’s it! You’re ready to start your Experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure if my Internet connection is very good – can I still participate in the Online Homestay Experience?

We will check your Internet connectivity when you talk with us online. If your connection is not stable enough, unfortunately, you might not be able to participate. We recommend purchasing a faster router or a faster provider for the best experience.

I’m not sure I can find time every day to take all the lessons because of work or other scheduling conflicts. Do I have to finish all my classes within 7 days?

Although the program is designed to last one week, you don’t have to finish all classes within one week – you can talk with your host family to decide your schedule.

Is it possible to change host families after my course starts?

Yes, it’s possible to change families – please let us know. If you have any special requests for your host family, please let us know as soon as possible so we can try and accommodate you.

After my course ends, is an extension possible to continue my Japanese studies?

Yes, it is certainly possible. However, if you wish for more advanced Japanese instruction, we can get you in touch with our affiliated Japanese language schools that offer online lessons.

I’m planning to visit Japan. Is it possible to homestay with the same family who hosted me on the Online Homestay?

Depending on the family, it may not be possible due to accommodation requirements or other factors; however, in most cases it is possible!

*Have any other questions or comments not answered here? Feel free to contact us from the email address below.

Inquire & Apply

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