Human Academy Japanese Language School(Osaka,Tokyo)

Human Academy Japanese Language School is a Japanese language school with over 30 years of experience in Tokyo and Osaka.
We offer a variety of services such as studying abroad for higher education and employment preparation courses, as well as Japanese language courses necessary for daily life in Japan and business Japanese.

No. of Students Long-term Courses
□Osaka Campus 1600 students
□Tokyo Campus 1200 students
Short-term Courses
□Osaka Campus 138 students
□Tokyo Campus 103students
No. of Classes Long-term Courses
□Osaka Campus 85 Classes
□Tokyo Campus 62 Classes
Short-term Courses
□Osaka Campus 6 Classes
□Tokyo Campus 6 Classes
Class Size Long-term and Short-term Courses
15-20 students (Tokyo and Osaka Campuses)
No. of Levels Osaka Campus
Long-term Courses:5 Levels
Short-term Courses:6 Levels
Tokyo Campus
Long-term Courses:12Levels
Short-term Courses:6 Levels
Major Nationalities represented China, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, France, Sweden, Spain, America, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Thailand, and almost over 40 countries.
Age Requirement Long-term: Graduated from high school or above
Short-term: If you have the ability to concentrate, young students are welcome. However, because the course is designed for adults, it is recommended that you be at least 18 years old.
Start Dates Long-term:4 Enrollments (January, April, July, October)
Short-term: For beginners, the curriculum is designed for them to be able to enter the school at any time. For other levels, please inquire once, as the recommendation varies depending on the level.
Minimum Enrollment Length Long-term: Varies depending on the start date of the course. The minimum enrollment period is 1 year and 3 months course with January admission and graduation in March of the following year.
Short-term OP: 4 days
Accommodation Talk with an HAJL-affiliated real estate agent about finding your home in Japan!
School Details ●Unique method of Japanese language education
→ Develop the ability to use efficient Japanese and develop the communication skills necessary for daily life, business, academic activities, etc.
We provide education using Human Academy's original textbook "Tsunagu Nihongo".
● Numerous achievements in further education and employment
→ We actively support students to go on to graduate schools, universities, and vocational schools. In addition to school introductions and Japanese language instruction, we also provide guidance based on each person's "life plan", such as interview courses, guidance sessions, workshops by graduates, and individual interviews.
● Japan's largest scale
→You can interact with people from various countries in an environment where you can study with people from about 40 countries.
● Selectable learning method
→We have prepared a course that you can take 2 days or more in a week to learn daily conversation from the preparatory course, and you can study in your home country using online and VOD.