Okayama Institute of Languages (Okayama)

 Okayama is a place where prices are cheaper and it is easier to live than in Tokyo. In addition, you can move around the city by bicycle, and there is no transportation fee. The people of Okayama are a warm and cozy city. Okayama Institute of Languages is conveniently located in the center of Okayama City. Okayama is called "Sunny Country" and is a safe and secure city with many sunny days and few natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes.

No. of Students 400 students
No. of Classes 20 classes
Class Size Max 20 students
No. of Levels Beginner ~Advanced: 20 levels
Major Nationalities represented Students from 20 countries and regions are usually enrolled.
(Mainly enrolled international students from China, Vietnam and Indonesia, and short-term students from Russia and Italy)
Age Requirement High school graduate or above (Short-term courses require consultation for each course)
Start Dates Student visa course :April or October
Intensive course:Anytime
Summer course: July
Minimum Enrollment Length Student visa:6months
Intensive course:2weeks- 
Accommodation Student dormitories, apartments, other hotels, etc.
Walk to school or go to school by bicycle.
School Details ● Ministry of Justice Notification Japanese Language Education Institution
● Successful N1 perfect score for 4 consecutive years
● Provide individual counseling and guidance according to the purpose of going on to school or finding a job
● Installed a 24-hour safety confirmation system and an emergency reception phone
● Faculty and staff visit student homes on a regular basis to provide individual counseling on daily life and learning.
● Multilingual support (English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Cambodian, Sinhala-speaking staff are resident)
● Free WiFi, bicycle parking lot, free PC corner
● Full career guidance
● Support for medical treatment, personal liability compensation, and rescuer expenses by renewing or changing your residence, responding when you get sick, regular health checkups at specialized institutions, and enrolling in Japanese language school international student insurance.
● Support for government office procedures, post offices, and opening bank accounts
● Professional staff will support you in finding a part-time job and finding a job
● Various scholarships inside and outside the school (30-40 people per year), other effort awards, perfect attendance awards