ECC Japanese Language Institute (Tokyo, Nagoya, Kobe)

 The ECC Japanese Language Institute is a Japanese language school run by the ECC Group, one of the largest language education institutions in Japan. International students from all over the world study at our schools in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kobe. Our schools are located in the same building as other ECC Group schools, so students have many opportunities to interact with Japanese students studying with the ECC Group.
Since its establishment in 1962, the ECC Japanese Language Institute has been operated by the ECC Group, a well-known and trusted educational instituted within Japan, providing [safe] and [reliable education] to all.

No. of Students ■ Shinjuku School: 100
■ Nagoya School: 240
■ Kobe School: 100
No. of Classes Over 20 classes (total over the 3 schools)
Class Size Maximum of 20 students per class
No. of Levels More than 8 levels, ranging from introductory through to advanced.
Major Nationalities represented Shinjuku School:
U.S.A. 29%, U.K. 17%, Korea 12%, Taiwan 12%, Australia 12%, Others 18% (China, Nepal, New Zealand, etc.)
Nagoya School:
China: 60%, Korea: 10%, Vietnam: 10%, Taiwan: 10%, Others: 10%.
(USA, UK, Italy, Iran, India, Egypt, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, France, Brazil, Portugal, Hong Kong, etc.)
Kobe School:
Taiwan 27%, China 25%, Others 48%
(USA, Australia, UK, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Senegal, Pakistan, Ecuador, Afghanistan, Jordan, Cameroon, etc.)"
Age Requirement 18 years old or older (depending on the course, students under 18 years old may also by eligible to enroll)
Start Dates

<Student Visa Course> April, July, October, January 
(*July commencement is only available at Nagoya School & Kobe School)
(*January commencement is only available at  Kobe School)

<Short Term Course> April, July, October, January (mid-term enrollment possible depending on level)

Minimum Enrollment Length <Student Visa Course> 1 year and over
<Short Term Course> 5 weeks and over
Accommodation Student dormitories, shared houses/guest houses, apartments, homestays, etc. are available according to your needs.
School Details * Founded in 1962, the ECC Japanese Language Institute is a highly reputable school operated by the ECC Group, which runs English conversation schools and other language schools throughout Japan.
* Our schools are located near ECC Foreign Language Institute schools and other schools run by the ECC Group, which provides many opportunities for students to interact with Japanese students.
* Students are able to choose their preferred region to study in from Shinjuku (Tokyo), Nagoya, or Kobe.
* Our schools are located in the center of the city, making them extremely convenient to get to.
* All students who wish to go on to pursue higher education are able to do so.
* Staff members are available to provide support to students in their studies and life in Japan in multiple languages (English, Chinese, and Korean).