I.C.NAGOYA (Nagoya)

In I.C.NAGOYA, which this 2021 celebrates its 39th anniversary, students from more than 30 countries have graduated from and successfully flown in their respective paths. Why don't you study Japanese with people from all over the world here in Nagoya, central Japan? Your communication skills will improve and it will be a good opportunity to broaden your horizons.

No. of Students138 (as of Februay,2021)
No. of Classes10 (as of Februay,2021)
Class Sizeup to 20 people
No. of Levels9
Major Nationalities representedVietnam, Nepal, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, etc.
Age LimitsHigh school graduate or above when applying for a student visa.
Others are negotiable
Start DatesApril, July, October, January
Minimum Enrollment3 months~(Negotiable even for less than 3 months)
AccommodationStudent dormitories are available within a 10-minute walk (others are negotiable)
School Details●A curriculum that supports various learning purposes such as going on to higher education, getting a job, and living in Japan.
● Learn 4 skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) in a well-balanced manner
●JLPT preparation course, EJU preparation course, employment preparation course are also available
●Different Guidance (Life, Career, Learning, Part-time jobs) to support students during their stay
●Convenient location for commuting to school, 3 minutes walk from Nagoya Station
●School events about once a month, making it easy to make friends from various countries