Toyo Language School (Tokyo)

Learning Japanese. Learning Japan. Fulfillment of your dream at TLS where you can cultivate language ability and humanity. Do you know the 3 principles to ensure to acquire Japanese within the limited time? “Start with fixed target”, “Aware and change your attitude”, and “Preserve good customs and sustain them”. Based on our original educational system that incorporates the principles into Japanese language learning, each student learns to their own target and having certain progresses.

No. of StudentsMaximum 720 (Long-term 700, Short term 20)
No. of ClassesMaximum 36
Class SizeMaxmim 20 students
No. of Levels15 levels
Major Nationalities representedChina, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, France, Germany, Italy, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil etc. Total 30 or more countries and areas all the time.
Age Limitsover 18 years old (depending on the school attendance situation in your home country)
Start DatesApril, July, October, January
Minimum EnrollmentLong-term 6 months, Short term 1 month
AccommodationStudent dormitory, Share house, apartment, home stay etc.
School Details
●【5PLAN】 We support you to achieve your goals and dreams, such as going on to school or finding a job in Japan. TLS gives students tips about how to choose schools/companies, gather information, and opportunities to write application form / resume and practice interview.

●【My Teacher】 We have a system in order to support each student well and more. It is called My Teacher, and one staff member supports you from enrollment to graduation. They are the best supporter who knows you best, so you can talk about anything to them.

●【Communicate with local Japanse】 There are opportunities that students can interact with local Japanese people through classes and extracurricular activities. Through presentations for Japanese people and discussions based on a set theme, you will experience the difficulty and enjoyment of expressing your own intentions in Japanese.