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Yono-Gakuin Japanese Language School

Yono-Gakuin Japanese Language School
No. of Students: Approx. 120 students
No. of Classes: Up to 12 classes
Class Size: Up to 20 students per class
No. of Levels: 6 levels
Major Nationalities represented: China, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea
Age Limits: Long-term programs: 27 y/o or younger
Short-term programs: No special limits
Start Dates: Complete Beginners should start in April, July or October
Minimum Enrollment: 1 month
Accomodation: Dormitory, Guest House, Home stay
School Details: Located in Saitama, a 30 minute train ride from the center of Tokyo, Yono-Gakuin's location is one of its strong points. Saitama is known for its comfortable atmosphere and convenient access to Japan's largest city. The school is located in a quiet area, perfect for study and the cost of living is comparably low, so students can save money for travelling or shopping. Near the school is a large Shinto Shrine which means there are plenty of opportunities year-round to experience Japanese culture and special events firsthand.
Classes are taught exclusively in Japanese in a direct and communicative method, with a balanced focus on the four skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening). Students having trouble with tricky kanji may also seek help outside of class hours for free. Instructors will give out homework daily to students matching their ability, helping each student to improve at the best pace.
The school also prides itself on teaching the rich culture and nature of Japan through year-round activities such as Hanami (cherry blossom viewing), Mt. Fuji hiking trips, Sumo and more. Students will certianly make memories they will cherish.
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