Since the school's establishment in 1953, we have cultivated many language specialists. In 1989, the Department of Japanese Studies for international students was formed. Every year since then, we have had numerous students from all over the world studying Japanese. We provide an education that will satisfy your intellectual curiosity.

No. of Students Capacity 418 students
No. of Classes 18 to 25 classes
Class Size From 5-20 students per class (Capacity 20)
No. of Levels From Japanese zero level to research level above N1 level
Major Nationalities represented Taiwan, Korea, China, Vietnam, USA, Canada, Australia, England, France, Italy, Germany, etc.
Age Requirement Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. (If you are 17 years old, please contact us.)
Start Dates Long-term course (April, October), Short-term course (January, April, June, October)
Minimum Enrollment Length Long-term course: 1year, Short-term course: 210 hours (about 3 months)
Accommodation School Dormitory, Homestay, Shared House, Arrange by yourself
School Details
● The school uses original textbooks developed by the school
● As a full-day school, students have along study time, with five classes a day
● After classes, students can stay in the classroom until 5:00 p.m. Self-study is alsoavailable on Saturdays
● After classes, there are opportunities to study outside of class, such as make-up classes, social events, career guidance, and interview guidance
● JLPT and EJU mock tests are held
● Each semester, a faculty member meets with students to discuss their needs
● The classes are always divided into different levels, so you can study at the most suitable level for you
● Students in the intermediate class and above can take six classes per week of elective courses in addition to Japanese language courses
● There are many opportunities to learn outside the classroom, such as excursions, school festivals, speech contests, extracurricular classes, study tours, and community exchanges, which Japanese students experience during their school life
● You will be able to study Japanese with classmates from various countries

[Advancement to higher education]
● Upon completion of the two-year course, students can obtain a professional degree in addition to a diploma, which satisfies the application requirements for third-year university transfer
● Students are able to enter universities with which we have a cooperative relationship through the designated school recommendation system, which simplifies the examination process
● We have partnerships with vocational schools in various industries that are strong in employment, so you can find your desired career path
● After studying Japanese, you can further study interpretation and translation in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English, as well as international business and trade, at the technical school attached to the school

[Benefits and welfare]
● Three types of scholarships are available
● Commuting passes and other student discounts are available Student ID card will be issued
● WIFI is available on campus
● Free bicycle parking is available
● Staff members who speak various languages are available to assist students in their daily lives
● Introductions to various medical institutions in the vicinity of the school are available depending on the situation

[Living environment]
● Convenient location with a minimum of 32 minutes from the nearest station (Tennoji) to Kansai International Airport
● There are many facilities around the school such as parks, libraries, museums, shopping malls, zoos, temples, etc
● We will introduce you to safe and convenient accommodations in the neighborhood

☆ Let's study at a traditional school with a history of over 60 years ☆