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ARC Academy Japanese Language School

ARC Academy Japanese Language School
No. of Students: Approx. 1000 students
No. of Classes: More than 60 classes (4 locations)
Class Size: 5 student minimum, 20 student maximum
No. of Levels: 10 levels
Major Nationalities represented: Over 25 different nationalities, including: China, Korea, America, Hong Kong, France, England, Germany, India, Phillipines, Thailand, Russia, Australia, Israel and others
Age Limits: 16 years or older (some exceptions on request)
Start Dates: Start dates every month. Mid-course start also possible (Long-term courses start in January, April, July and October)
Minimum Enrollment: 4 week minimum (exceptions can be made on request)
Accomodation: Dormitory and guest houses are available. The school can also advise students on renting apartments and condominiums.
School Details: 1. Excellent Location: Each of the 4 schools are located a mere five minute walk from four of Tokyo's major stations, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Yokohama.
2. Japanese language classes are available for complete beginners, as well as advanced students who wish to improve. Each of the four skills, speaking, listening, reading, and writing, are studied with equal emphasis.
3. All classes have special Japanese cultural events and chances to meet with Japanese guests in class, as well as use Japanese in many situations in class -- the curriculum has a special focus on learning not only the language but how to speak it beautifully through real life conversation based practice.
4. A wide variety of nationalities at the school means many chances to expand your horizons and make friends with people from all over the world -- all while speaking in Japanese.
5. The school has full-time support staff for Chinese, Korean and English speaking students who can give counsel and advice for daily life and Japanese study.
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