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Academy of Language Arts

Academy of Language Arts
No. of Students: 150 (As of June 6th, 2008)
No. of Classes: 13
Class Size: 5 to 18 students (Avg. 13 students)
No. of Levels: 10 levels
Major Nationalities represented: Korean, Chinese, and more than 20 other nationalities
Age Limits: No specific age limits. However, students applying on a student visa must be 18 or older.
Start Dates: January, April, July and October.
Students with intermediate or above Japanese ability may start any time.
Minimum Enrollment: 1 day. However, curricula are based on a 3 month program so longer enrollment is recommended for improving Japanese skills.
Accomodation: The school does not have its own dormitory, but will recommend places and options to students on request.
School Details: About the School:
- The school is conversation-centered with focus on becoming a better speaker.
- The school employees a professional teaching staff, and has an at-home atmosphere with excellent student support.
- Students will meet Japanese learners from all around the world -- the school usually has anywhere from 20 to 30 different nationalities at any time of the year.
- Excellent location with access to public transportation.
- Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese speaking staff are available, and most of the teachers can understand and speak English to a certain extent.

About the Curriculm:
- Lessons and curricula are well-balanced.
- All instructors are trained in ALA's in-house method of instruction, to guarantee quality of teaching.
- The school plans many extracurricular activies and events so students can learn about and experience the culture and customs of Japan.
- School texts and other materials are updated regularly. - Students will, for example, read the Akutagawa Award book of the year, or watch a popular TV drama in class, and more.

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