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Arai Academy Akamonkai Japanese Language School

No. of Students: Main Campus: 600 students
Nippori Campus: 300 students
No. of Classes: Main Campus: 37 classes
Nippori Campus: 20 classes
Class Size: 13 - 20 students
No. of Levels: Main Campus: 10 levels
Nippori Campus: 9 levels
Major Nationalities represented: Korea: 65%, China: 27%
Southeast Asia and European, etc.: 8%
Age Limits: No special limits
Start Dates: January, April, July, October
*Short-term, Summer or Winter courses and other specialized courses are also available upon request.
Minimum Enrollment: No miniumum
Accomodation: Main Dormitory, Higashi Ogu Dormitory, and other accomodation available
School Details: 1. 24-hour study rooms available
2. Excellent teachers with extensive teaching experience
3. Classes are curriculum are matched carefully to each student.
4. Academic Prepratory guidance and high rates of acceptance to higher education (university, technical schools, etc.)
5. A wide range of scholarships and student discounts available
6. Short-term courses and special intensive courses, etc. are possible.
7. Student dormitories available
8. Many fun school events, activities and clubs are available for students to improve their Japanese and enjoy life in Japan.
*Student events, field trips, Mt. Fuji hiking trips, School Festivals, debate contests and trips to Disneyland are just some of the activities available for students.
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