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Home stay in Aichi

Host Family in Aichi Location in Japan Aichi Prefecture
Family Name The “M” Family
Details Father, Mother, 3 daughters and 1 son
Activities we enjoy Traveling, hosting parties, camping, karaoke, watching movies, listening to music
Special Talents or Hobbies Knitting (Grandmother), Kendama or “Cup and Ball” (Father), Japanese cooking (Mother), Calligraphy (oldest daughter), Hagoita or “Japanese Battledore” (second oldest daughter), collecting manga (son), Map of Japan puzzle (youngest daughter)
A little about us:

We are an active family, and it’s often pretty noisy at our house with four children. Our second oldest daughter studied abroad in Canada and really enjoyed her home stay, so she and the rest of us are really looking to hosting a student to have the chance to return the favor! Hope to see you in Aichi soon.
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