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Home Stay Program

Vacation Homestay Program

Vacation Homestay ProgramWhat is a Vacation Homestay?

Haven’t you ever wanted to travel Japan, staying with friends as you go, but don’t quite yet have any friends? Our “Vacation Homestay” is the next best thing. By staying with Japanese families, you can experience the culture, customs, language and more while traveling this great country. One night stays are possible, as well as longer stays. Please ask us for more information on this excellent opportunity. We’ll try to work with your travel plans to give you a very memorable vacation!

ホームステイのメリット Improve your Japanese ミ A homestay is the perfect chance to use the Japanese you know in real life situations.
ホームステイのメリット Experience a bit of メeveryday lifeモ in Japan ミ A homestay will give you a new perspective on the country and people.
ホームステイのメリット A homestay is an excellent chance to make friends and connections in Japan

What Happens Before the Actual Homestay Begins?

-- From counseling to meeting your family! --

Step 1: Counseling _To give you a good understanding and perspective on your homestay.
Step 2: Applying for the Homestay
・First, you decide when you would like to start your homestay and how long you will stay.
・Next, you fill out the application and related forms.
・Next, we send you the invoice (it has all the cost related details.)
・Last, you send us the program fees by wire transfer.
Step 3: Your Homestay Family is Decided
・Your family will be decided around 1 to 2 weeks before your stay begins
・We will tell you about your family _ family members, location, etc.
・After we receive the homestay fees, we will send you the homestay family information in the mail.
Step 4: Homestay Orientation _ About 1 week before your stay begins.
Step 5: Meet Your Family! (The first day of your homestay)

How to Apply for a Homestay Extension:

1. Request: Make sure to tell someone at Nextage that you wish to extend your stay (1 month before at the latest!)
2. Confirm: We will make sure your family can accommodate you for an extended stay.
3. Invoice: We will send you or hand you directly the invoice for the extension.
4. Deposit: Please make your deposit at least 2 weeks before the start date.
5. Ready: You are all set! You may continue to stay with your family.

What is Included in the Program Fees?

● Homestay Orientation
● Homestay Registration/Application Fees
● Homestay Accommodation Fees (2 meals or 1 meal a day included)
● 24-hour Emergency Support

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