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Programs: Homestay in JAPAN!!
Learn: Homestay in JAPAN!!
Stay: Homestay in JAPAN!!
Explore: Homestay in JAPAN!!

Home Stay Program

Limited Programs (Hot deal!)

Anime,Manga & Gaming in Japan ProgramApplying for Academic Exploration Program in Japan 2015

Five universities in the Tokyo metropolitan area will jointly organize and offer a summer program in June-July 2015.
These universities, listed below, are committed to the furtherance of internationalization. Benesse Corporation, a private firm that provides various educational programs and activities, is collaborating with these universities in the planning and implementation.
This program is designed especially for undergraduate students who are first-timers to Japan, and we very much look forward to welcoming students from our partner institutions.

Experience Japanese Pop Culture In Summer, 2011!!Anime,Manga & Gaming in Japan Program

You grew up playing Japanese video games, you're an avid anime fan, and you love to read the latest manga from Japan. But why just be a fan when you can make your love of Japanese culture into something much more? In Japan, you can make your love of things Japanese work for YOU by connecting it to a future profession. We have a great program for everyone interested in homestaying and Japan that combines Japanese language study with a homestay and a Japanese pop culture experience.

Recommended Programs

COOL JAPAN ProgramPower-up Your Business Career in Japan Program

Anyone interested in improving their Japanese skill, furthering their career, or finding a job in Japan should definitely consider our Power-up Program. Starting from a 1 week program, you will study conversational and business Japanese, as well as important business etiquette. You can even request us to set up an interview with a Japanese company during your time on the program.* Through your homestay, you will have the chance to get to know Japan, its customs and people by living with your host family.


"Travelling in Japan sounds like fun, but I want to try somethingcdifferent !"
If you have ever found yourself thinking that, well, we have the perfect program for you! You can enjoy a homestay and study Japanese in this 1 week intensive language and homestay program. Not just a trip, a homestay is a great opportunity to learn about Japan and its people. It's the perfect course people aiming to improve their Japanese skill or study in Japan in the future.

Go JapanGo Japan

With this program, you can study and home stay in Japan starting from just one week. You can also move to the Tokyo Campus while studying in Kansai. Additionally, we will donate a portion of your program fees as relief funds for the East Japan Earthquake.

Home Stay Programs

Home StayHome Stay

Staying in a Japanese home will give you a chance to learn about the culture, language and customs from an angle not seen from the outside. It can be a good chance to make Japanese friends and acquaintances Japan. Wouldnft you love to make your own ghome away from homeh?

Home VisitHome Visit

Do you have already have plans to visit Japan, and want a chance to meet a Japanese family and while you are there? Or do you already have a place to stay in Japan and canft do a regular homestay? We have the perfect thing for you _ the gHome Visit Programh! Itfs a unique and fun opportunity to spend some quality time with the natives of this great country.

Language School + Home StayLanguage School + Home Stay

How about studying Japanese at a language school while homestaying? The secret of success in a foreign language is a good balance of gStudyh and gPracticeh, and having a host family to try out what you learned in class is a really can help improve your Japanese language skills and boost confidence. School dormitories and apartments have their good points, but a homestay really gives you a taste of what itfs like to live the Japanese life.
We can help choose the course right for you (language course, location, prices, etc.) so ask us for more information!

Vacation Home StayVacation Home Stay

Havenft you ever wanted to travel Japan, staying with friends as you go, but donft quite yet have any friends? Our gVacation Homestayh is the next best thing. By staying with Japanese families, you can experience the culture, custom, language and more while traveling this great country. One night stays are possible, as well as longer stays. Please ask us for more information on this rare opportunity. Wefll try to work with your travel plans to give you one very memorable vacation!

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