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Home Stay Program

Home Visit Program

Home Visit ProgramWhat is a Home Visit Like?

Do you have plans to visit Japan, and want a chance to meet a Japanese family and while you are there, or already have a place to stay in Japan and can’t do a homestay? We have the perfect thing for you _ the "Home Visit Program"! It's a unique and fun opportunity to spend some quality time with the natives of this great country.

ホームステイのメリット No time? No problem! -- A Home Visit is great for people who are too busy or donユt have enough time for a full homestay but still want to visit and meet with a Japanese family.
ホームステイのメリット Japanユs culture is a lot different that you may expect! Talking with a family gives you an important perspective on the culture and customs.
ホームステイのメリット Use your Japanese! ミ Talking to store clerks is fun and all, but how about a chance to use your skills in an actual home situation?

What Happens Before the Home Visit?

-- The steps from application to the visit itself! --

Step 1: Counseling _ We will talk about the Home Visit experience and ask you some
questions to make sure it’s right for you.
Step 2: Applying for the Home Visit
・ First, you will decide when you would like to visit. Home visits are generally limited to Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays but can be arranged for other days. (Please let us know your plans!)
・ Next, you fill out the application and related forms.
・ Next, we send you the invoice (it has all the cost related details.)
・ Last, you deposit the fees -- around 2 to 4 weeks before your visit.
Step 3: Your Home Visit Family is Decided
・ Your family will be decided around 1 to 2 weeks before your visit.
・ We will tell you about your family _ family members, location, etc.
・ After we receive the home visit fees, we will send you the family information in the mail.
Step 4: Meet the Family! _ Don’t forget to introduce yourself in Japanese, and
have fun!

What is Included in the Home Visit Fees?

● Homestay Registration/Application Fees
● Drinks and snacks for the visit
* Transportation/Ticket costs are not included.

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