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Places to visit in Tokyo

AsakusaSensoji Temple

Also known as Asakusa Kannon, Sensoji is the oldest and most impressive temple in Tokyo. The main hall was originally built in 645 to house a tiny golden statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy, that had been caught by two brothers fishing in the Sumida River. The temple grounds swarm with people buying fortunes, praying, sightseeing, and shopping. Many come for the curative powers of incense billowing from the bronze urn in front of the main hall. The colorful back streets of this area offer a glimpse of old Japan. Artisans, sushi and eel shops, and the general hustle and bustle create an atmosphere to savor.

Tokyo TowerTokyo Tower

Built in 1958 to serve as a relay station for TV and radio signals, Tokyo Tower was modeled after the Eiffel Tower but added an extra 10 meters. At 333 meters, it is still the tallest structure in Japan. The Main Observatory is 150 meters off the ground. The Special Observatory, a further 100 meters up, is reached by a second elevator. On fine days, especially in winter when humidity levels fall, it is possible to see Mt. Fuji to the west. The four-story building under the tower houses an aquarium and a Wax Museum, as well as other amusement facilities and shopping arcades that sell souvenirs.


The most prestigious shopping area in Japan. Ginza became a shopping mecca following the removal of the shogunate's mint, from which the name Ginza derives, and its replacement by brick buildings on willow-lined avenues. The Birthplace of Ginza Monument stands in front of the Tiffany jewelry shop on Ginza-dori. The focal point is the Ginza Yon-chome crossing. On one corner is the clock tower of the Wako store; on another, a Mitsukoshi Department Store; and on a third, the circular San'ai fashion tower. Ginza-dori, the central thoroughfare, has two other department stores: Matsuya and Matsuzakaya. Wako is the place for jewelry and china, Shiseido for cosmetics, Mikimoto for pearl jewelry, Kyukyodo for Japanese paper, incense and inkstones, Tenshodo for model trains, and Ito-ya is a magnificent stationery emporium. On one corner of the Sukiyabashi crossing stands the Sony Building, in which there is a showroom where the latest Sony products are displayed. An expedition into the network of narrower roads behind the big avenues will reveal art galleries of all persuasions. Ginza offers an especially good choice of dining experiences. There are some 4, 000 eateries in the area, covering a vast selection of food and prices. East along Harumi-dori from Ginza is Kabukiza Theatre and Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple with an Indian architectural theme. The Main Worship Hall is open 6:00-16:00 daily. English pamphlet available. Tsukiji Fish Market, the largest fish market in Japan, and Hama-rikyu Garden, one of the most attractive gardens in Tokyo, are also in this vicinity. Hama-rikyu was originally the garden of a feudal lord's mansion in the Edo period. As the ponds fill from the bay, the water level rises and falls with the tides. There is a pick-up point for the Sumida River waterbus inside the garden, making it an excellent place to relax before or after a trip to Asakusa. 12 min walk from JR/subway Shimbashi Stn. Open 9:00-17:00. Last entry 16:30. Closed late Dec-early Jan.


Akihabara is renowned worldwide as a treasure trove of consumer electronics. Hundreds of shops, from megastores to tiny parts suppliers, line the streets beneath garish neon signs. Originally a black market district where radios were sold, Akihabara evolved into a giant mirror of the nation's prosperity and its burgeoning technology. Japanese manufacturers send prototypes of new products to Akihabara to test consumer response. Larger shops are recommended for shoppers from overseas. Prices may be negotiable, but only to a certain extent. Most shops open 10:00-19:00.

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