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Places to visit in Tochigi


Nikko, an international tourist city representing Tochigi Prefecture, has exquisite history and culture. The two shrines and one temple here, including Toshogu Shrine, have been designated a World Heritage Site. This area is also blessed with natural beauty; Lake Chuzenji, Senjogahara and other scenic sites show different aspects by season. Hot springs with an atmosphere unique to spas also lure many tourists.

Nasu and KuroisoNasu and Kuroiso

The Nasu and Kuroiso Hot Spring area is a lively tourist site located near Nasu Highland at the foot of the Nasu mountain range. Hot springs with atmosphere, notable museums, leisure facilities and sophisticated stores targeting young people dot the entire area, enabling people of all ages to have fun here.


Shiobara, a hot spring resort in the valley, has attracted many great figures in literature since long ago. Attractions here include the scenic beauty of the valleys, waterfalls and suspension bridges, including Momijidani Great Suspension Bridge that boasts of being the longest of its kind in Japan. The 11 different spring sources gushing out here enhance the atmosphere of a spa town.

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