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Places to visit in Nara

Nara ParkNara Park

This beautiful lawn park extends 4km east to west and 2km north to south. Groups of deer, messengers of the gods, roam freely through the park. Its beautiful landscape with half-hidden views of temple and shrine rooftops enchants visitors throughout the seasons. Ukimido, a hexagonal gazebo situated at the center of Sagiike Pond, gives citizens and visitors a space to relax in.


The world famous Todaiji Temple, designated as world heritage, contains various pavilions and halls, including many designated as national treasures of Japan. Among them, the 'Daibutsuden Hall' is the world's largest wooden structure, and the home of the popular 'the Great Buddha of Nara'. This gigantic statue is15m tall and weighs approximately 25 tonnes.


Ishibutai, made from 30 gigantic stones, is one of the largest stone tombs in Japan and is a symbol of the Asuka Area. Its stone chamber is 19.1m long and the burial chamber is 7.7m high, 3.9m wide and 7.6m deep. The total weight of the stones is said to be 2,300t. The gigantic stone on top of the tomb weighs 77t, and is the largest of its kind among ancient Japanese tomb.

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