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Places to visit in Kanagawa

Yokohama ChinatownYokohama Chinatown

Walk through one of the multi-colored gates and you're in a different world! This world famous Chinatown is home to more than 500 shops and restaurants. You can experience Chinese culture through its cuisine from Canton, Shanghai, Beijing, and Szechuan as well as purchasing foodstuffs and souvenirs. There are 10 gates into Chinatown, known as Pairo, positioned according to the principles of Feng Shui. You can enjoy the guardian deities of direction, such as Deity Seiryu and Deity Suzaku, in the design as well as the beautiful colorings.

Great BuddhaGreat Buddha

The Great Buddha is a made of bronze. The art of bronze sculpture was started in 1252 but the exact date of this statue's completion is unclear. At that time, the statue was housed in a temple but the building was washed away in strong winds and a tsunami and the statue is now in its present position.

Owakudani Valley(Hakone)Owakudani Valley(Hakone)

This valley is divided into 2 areas, Jikokuzawa and Enmadai, and lies in the ancient crater of Mt. Kamiyama, left after the last volcanic eruption. Here you can get a good view of Mt. Fuji and the Nagao Pass.

Odawara CastleOdawara Castle

Odawara Castle was the family residence of feudal lord Hojo. You can retrace the mighty steps of feudal lords in this elegant place which has come through the Edo age to the present day.Take a step back in time with feudal costumes - at the Tokiwagi gate of the castle, you can hire (for a fee) samurai armour and kimono and have your photograph taken wearing the outfit, with the castle in the background. It will be a wonderful souvenir of your visit.

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