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Places to visit in Hokkaido


Mt. Teine that can be seen over the canal. The contrast between a park, which is man-made, and natural mountains produces a view typical of Sapporo. An avenue of poplar trees in this Maeda Forest Park is recommended. It is preferable to the avenue of poplar trees of Hokkaido University, as they have lost a lot of their beauty.


An artificial island constructed in Hakodate Harbor. From this location one can see Mt. Hakodate and the fashionable streets of the Bay Area. The Niijima Bridge that leads to the island and the path along the coast are also popular as sites for films and dramas.


This bridge in Kushiro City is said to be one of the three most impressive bridges in Hokkaido. Four bronze statues that represent spring, summer, autumn and winter are placed here. Not only Kushiro River where fishing boats flow in a clear day and a flower clock, but also Nusamai Bridge, which is enveloped in the setting sun of autumn or wrapped in fog, are the places that are seen as captivating and charming. This place is recommended for love stories.

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