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Places to visit in Hiroshima

A-bomb DomeA-bomb Dome

Peace Memorial Park was created in remembrance of the precious lives that were lost in the atomic bombing and to transmit the history of the tragedy in hope that it will never be repeated. A constant flow of people are always passing through the park, which is an oasis situated in the busy city center.There are innumerable things to see.Besides the many monuments, there is also the Peace Memorial Museum (admission fee required).The A-bomb Dome stands as it was following the bombing, reminding those who see it of the dire importance of peace. It is designated as a World Heritage site.


First established about 1,400 years ago, this beautiful shrine was built in its present form by Taira no Kiyomori in the 12th century. A corridor of some 280 meters spans more than twenty buildings, including the Marodo Shrine and the Noh Theater, with the Main Shrine (Honden) located in the center. About 200 meters from the Main Shrine, the vivid vermilion O-Torii (Grand Gate) stands in the sea. At high tide, the shrine looks as if it were floating on the sea. The contrast of the blue sea, green hills and the vermilion shrine is breathtakingly beautiful. It was registered as a World Heritage site in 1996.

Okonomi VillageOkonomi Village

Okonomiyaki is a specialty of Hiroshima. There are as many as twenty-seven okonomiyaki restaurants in the Okonomi Village building. It is invariably crowded with tourists and local people who come to enjoy the genuine Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki. Each restaurant has its own holidays and business hours.

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