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Places to visit in Chiba

Tokyo Disneyland, Urayashi-shi, MaihamaTokyo Disneyland, Urayashi-shi, Maihama

Tokyo Disneyland enjoys enormous popularity as the biggest theme park in Japan. Though the fact that it is called “Tokyo” Disneyland but is actually located in next-door Chiba Prefecture may make some residents wonder about the name, the road from the nearest station to the theme park is very beautiful and the park itself definitely lives up to its reputation as the “Land of Magic Dreams.”

Tokyo DisneySea (Urayashi-shi, Maihama)Tokyo DisneySea (Urayashi-shi, Maihama)

Opened in 2003, Tokyo DisneySea is home to some excellent attractions and a more romantic atmosphere aimed at adults, though children will enjoy it all the same. The park boasts seven water-themed “ports”, each with a unique look and feel: Lost River Delta, Port Discovery, Arabian Coast, Mermaid Lagoon, Mysterious Island, American Waterfront, and Mediterranean Harbor. Each area also has its own restaurants, attractions and shops.

Kamogawa Seaworld (Kamogawa-shi)Kamogawa Seaworld (Kamogawa-shi)

Opened in October 1970, Kamogawa’s huge 40,000 square-meter Seaworld features several different zones: Ocean Stadium, Surf Stadium, Rocky World, Eco Aquaroam and Tropical Island. The park is famous for its killer whale, dolphin and sea lion exhibitions and shows. In fact, the park was the site of the first trained killer whale show in Japan on the park’s opening day.

Kujukuri BeachKujukuri Beach

A very long beach along the east coast of the Boso Peninsula, Kujukuri Beach is a popular swimming and surfing area accessible from Tokyo. According to Japanese folklore, Minamoto no Yoritomo (the founder of the Kamakura Shogunate) ordered the beach measured which turned out to be 99 ri(an old unit of measurement), thus the name "ninety-nine ri beach". Surfers and beach-lovers should definitely check it out.

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