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Places to visit in Aichi

Nagoya CastleNagoya Castle

This is a castle built in 1612 for the Owari Tokugawa Family whose property was 820 thousand-koku. Although this was a castle built on the plain in which the best of architecture in the Momoyama Age, it was burnt out during World War _ in 1945. The current donjon was reconstructed in 1959 with 5 tiers in 7 stories. The 3rd floor through the 5th floor were remodeled in July 1997 and are used for the exhibition of goods to show the life of the feudal lord and the citizens of Nagoya at that time along with an episode of golden Shachihoko, and you can experience "rock towing" when the castles was built and "palanquin" riding. The 7th floor is used as an observation deck.

Toyota Kaikan Exhibition HallToyota Kaikan Exhibition Hall

This hall is located next to the head office of Toyota Motors.The theme of the exhibition hall is"Today for Tomorrow".In this hall,there are 4 major zones - Environment,Safety,Production and Social Contribution. There,"Toyota's Mobility Society"vision for the future is introduced by panels and videos. It also exhibits the latest 12 models of Toyota cars and 3 models of Lexus.Facility tour takes 30 to 60 minutes,admission is free.

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