Homestay Interview [Australia]Kailas Johnson

Living in a homestay instead of an apartment was one of the best decisions I made on this trip. My host family was kind and welcoming and within a week I felt like a true member of the family. On 成人の日, (coming of age day) they took me to get a family photo in traditional Japanese dress. The two children were so much fun. They were sooning called me big brother and we would play together every day. My family only speaks Japanese so my Japanese has improved so fast. As well as this my host mother would cook delicious Japanese food for us every night and even asks me what I would like most for dinner. On some nights I would cook and everyone would gather round so I could teach them my recipes. I can’t think of any better advice to other Japanese exchange students than to stay with a host family. I have had such an amazing time and I don’t want to leave. I know when I do leave I will always stay in contact with my host family. They will always be a second family to me.