The school is located about 30 minutes away from central Tokyo by train. Quiet environment is provided and living expenses are less expensive. Students learn four skills with good balance in the class. Daily kanji supplementary class is offered as kanji is easy to be a weak point. Various activities are available throughout the year starting with cherry blossom viewing in spring. Students fully enjoy Japanese nature and culture as well as Japanese language study.

No. of Students197
No. of Classes13
Class Size20(MAX.)
No. of Levels5
Major Nationalities representedVietnam, China, Indonesia, Russia, Thai
Age Limits16~35
Start DatesLong term:Early Apr., Early Jul., Early Oct.
Short term:At any time if class of student's level is available
Minimum EnrollmentLong term:6 months  Short term:1 month(18 school days)
AccommodationDormitory(Studio apartment、Single room、twin room)、Shared House、Homestay
School Details
●There is a daily kanji supplementary class for students from non-kanji country.
It enables them to proceed their study at the same speed with students from kanji country.

●Students fully enjoy Japanese nature and culture as well as Japanese language study.
Various activities are offered by the school throughout the year including cherry blossom viewing in spring,
Mt. Fuji climbing, Somen Nagashi (flowing Somen noodle) and ski trip.

●Commuting to school is easy. School dormitories are within walking or biking distance.

●The school support students to find a part-time job, providing stable job information mainly of local companies.

●School area is a good place to live. It takes about 30 minutes to central Tokyo by train.
Students live and study in a quiet environment. Living expenses are less expensive than central Tokyo.