ISI -International Study Institute-(Tokyo,Kyoto,Nagano)

ISI is one of the largest Japanese language school group in Japan, with a total capacity of over 4,000 students ! There are four campuses in three cities to choose from, and students from over 110 countries and regions study at ISI.
We offer a wide variety of elective classes to meet the needs of students, such as preparing for higher education, finding a job, JLPT , conversation, as well as art college preparatory courses, evening courses, and online lessons.

No. of Students- Tokyo-Takadanobaba Campus: 2,626 students (including short-term courses)
- Tokyo-Ikebukuro Campus: 400 students (including short-term courses)
- Kyoto Campus: 1,100 students (including short-term courses)
- Nagano Campus: 397 students (including Japanese language departments and short-term courses)
No. of ClassesOver 60 classes (4 campuses)
Class Size15 -20 persons
No. of LevelsBeginner to Advanced over 20 levels (Takadanobaba Campus 40 level)
Major Nationalities representedChina, Taiwan, Korea, USA, Vietnam, Sweden, Spain, Thailand, Russia, Italy, Germany, France, Singapore, and more!
Age Limits16 years and older
(15 years or older for the Tokyo Summer Course, 18 years of age or older for the Nagano School as it is a vocational school)
Start DatesTokyo-Takadanobaba, Ikebukuro and Kyoto Campus: January, April, July, October
Nagano Campus: April/October (April/October for Kyoto short-term original course)
You may also be able to enroll in other months than those mentioned above after checking your Japanese level.
Minimum EnrollmentShort-term courses : 2 weeks
AccommodationDormitories, Guesthouses, Weekly apartments, Homestays, etc. according to your wishes.
School Details
●Students from more than 30 countries and regions are enrolled. You can learn lively Japanese while also experiencing other cultures!
●The school is located in the center of each city, so transportation is very convenient to get to school.
●Some of our schools offer a student discounted commuter pass rate! (Please note that there are visa requirements for application.)
●We have a curriculum to meet your learning objectives, from entering a university or graduate school to finding a job in Japan, improving your conversation skills, and experiencing Japanese culture.
●We have a full-fledged career support system in cooperation with companies.
●Our group schools are located on the same campus (Ikebukuro and Nagano), and there is a lot of interaction with Japanese people.
●We have a variety of classes (Japanese Level) for you to choose from.
●We offer original short term courses in Kyoto for students to experience the culture of Japan.
●Our multilingual staff (English, Chinese, Korean) will support you in your studies and life in Japan.