Genki Japanese and Culture School (Fukuoka, Tokyo, Kyoto)

 Genki Japanese School is a study abroad school for those who want to learn Japanese in Japan! It specialises in teaching communicative Japanese in small classes of a maximum of 8 students. Our intensive Japanese Language Core Course works the same way at all our locations and can be combined with the cultural activities modules to create a completely immersive experience.


No. of Students

Fukuoka: 160 / Tokyo: 90 / Kyoto: 90

No. of Classes Fukuoka: 15 / Tokyo: 8 / Kyoto: 9
Class Size Average 6 - Maximum 8
No. of Levels 12 starting with complete beginner
Major Nationalities represented United States, Germany, Switzerland, UK, France,Australia, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Netherlands
Age Requirement Minimum 14 years old in Fukuoka, and 16 at the other schools - no maximum age
Start Dates -Short term up to 6 months any Monday (complete beginners 1st Monday of the month and also 3rd Monday during the summer season) -Long term (Student visa 1-year/18-month courses) : 1st Mondays of January, April, August and October
Minimum Enrollment Length Short term: 1 week / Long term (student visa): 1 year
Accommodation All schools: Homestay, Private Residence, Private Apartment/ Only Fukuoka: Supervised Residence
School Details ● All our schools are located in the centres of their respective cities.
● Smallest class sizes of any accredited Japanese school.
● One of only two Japanese schools accredited by IALC, and the first Japanese school ever to win the ST Star Award for Star World Language School.
●Our schools have a very fun atmosphere, and we run lots of interesting activities.
● Our multilingual staff takes very good care of each student, and often help students with their everyday life.
● Students on a student visa can study at both our Fukuoka and Nagoya locations.
●Combined short-term programs for Fukuoka, Tokyo and Kyoto locations (Genki Route) available.