Arai Academy Akamonkai Japanese Language School (Tokyo)

 Since established in 1985, we have educated tens of thousands of from more than 80 countries around the world. We are a Japanese language school with a proven track record and trustworthy reputation, approved by the Japanese government as an educational corporation and as one of more than 20 preparatory schools in Japan. We provides thorough support for higher education, employment, and daily life, as well as a high quality education consisting of a 17 levels curriculum, at a more reasonable price than any other school.

No. of StudentsA maximum of 2,250 students can study in two schools and four campuses.
(Main campus: maximum 1,800 students, Nippori campus: maximum 450 students)
No. of ClassesAbout 80 classes on 4 campuses
Class Size15 - up to 20 students (The maximum number of students is basically around 17.)
No. of Levels17 levels from beginner to advanced classes
※Short-term students can also study in the same classes as long-term students.
Major Nationalities representedWe always accept a balanced number of students from over 50 countries and regions. This provides our students with many opportunities to use the Japanese language and naturally acquire Japanese language skills during their school life, while also providing an environment where they can acquire an international sense.
※Student nationalities are composed of 29% Chinese, 21% Vietnamese, 20% South Korean, 15% Western, 10% Taiwanese & Hongkongese, 5% from other countries.
Age LimitsHigh school diploma or equivalent
(please inquire about summer curriculum and 3-week courses)
Start Dates●General Course:April, July, October, January
●University Preparatory Curriculum:April, October
●Business Employment Class:April, October
●Internship & Job-support Class:April, October
●Short-term Course:April, July, October, January
●3-Week Course:Every month
●Special Short Programs:Non-regular
Minimum EnrollmentLong term: 6 months
Short term: 3 weeks
AccommodationWe have 30 student dormitories, all managed by the school. Available to all students who wish to use it.
School Details●A traditional school with a long history:
 ・Established in 1985, we have educated more than 20,000 graduates from over 80 countries

●Accreditation and certification:
 ・Accredited by the Immigration Bureau as an Excellent School.
 ・Authorized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology for university preparation curriculum
  (only about 20 schools in Japan).
 ・Certified by the Ministry of Justice as a school meeting the notification criteria of Japanese language education.

●Operating as a school corporation:
 ・Since its approval in 2005, the school has been operated as a public corporation specializing in school education.
 ・Students who have student visa can receive a discount on commuter pass(More than 50% discount).

 ・Activities such as experie Japanese culture and interact with Japanese and students are held at least once a month.
 ・Japanese conversation club is held every week to practice conversation with Japanese people.

●Well equipped facilities:
 ・Four earthquake-proof school buildings owned by the school.
 ・Self-study rooms, PC rooms, and manga rooms available 24 hours a day, even on holidays.
 ・Free WiFi, student lounge, and bicycle parking.

●Convenient location:
 ・The school is located in the center of Tokyo, an area with a relaxed atmosphere suitable for studying.
 ・Easy access to the airport and major Tokyo stations.

●High quality classes 
 ・We offer a wide range of classes and curriculums to meet students Japanese skills and future goals.
 ・Professional teachers who are native speakers of Japanese and are qualified to teach.
 ・In the business employment class, more than 95% of the students are employed by Japanese companies every year.

●Extensive guidance for higher education and employment
 ・Guidance for higher education by teachers and guidance counselors.
 ・Individualized guidance for each purpose such as graduate school, university, and vocational school.
 ・A high level of academic achievement and a large number of designated school recommendations
  (partnerships with more than 100 universities and vocational schools).
 ・More than 500 students go on to higher education every year, and the advancement rate is over 90%.
 ・Employment support by nationally certified career counselors.
 ・More than 200 students find employment every year.

●Extensive administrative and living support in multiple languages
 ・Multi-lingual administrative and life guidance specialists are always available
  (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, etc.)
 ・Support for opening a bank account immediately after enrollment.
 ・In addition to administrative procedures such as visa renewals, we also provide consultation services for illness and injury.

●A wide variety of scholarship programs.
 ・There are many scholarships that do not require repayment after graduation.
 ・More than 45 students receive scholarships every year while they are in Akamonkai.

●Extensive part-time job search support
 ・We provide a wide range of support, including resume writing and mock interviews.
 ・Part-time job support by a group company specializing in foreign human resources.