Homestay Program
in Fukuoka
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Getting the most from your homestay!!

1. Short term study abroad programs
Benefit: You can improve your conversation skill in a short time (Improvement in listening and speaking skill)

2. Long term study abroad programs — We recommend 2 to 3 months at the beginning.
・You can listen to Japanese natives speaking with each other every day, which will improve your listening skill.
・You can use the Japanese you learn at school the same day with your host family. Practice makes perfect!
・Listen carefully! You will have the valuable chance to hear Japanese conversation between family members. Try using what you hear in your next conversation!
・You will gain a better understanding of the lifestyle and national character of the people of Japan.
・Don’t miss out on the chance to make friends and connections in Japan!
・You can use the experience to prepare for a next stage in your life.

3. Weekend Homestays
・You can experience life in a Japanese family.
・You can connect with Japanese people.

4. Vacation Homestays
・You can travel and explore while you homestay in several cities across Japan.
・You can learn where all the best souvenir shops, recommended restaurants and sightseeing spots–from the actual people living there!
・You can eat some great food — experience Japan’s famous “local speciality dishes.”
・You can make friends and aquaintances in the places you want to visit in Japan.

5. Others
University Exam Homestays, Corporate Training Homestays, Working Holiday Homestays

Read what students are saying about homestaying in Japan

[Australia]Kailas Johnson

Living in a homestay instead of an apartment was one of the best decisions I made on this trip. My host family was kind and welcoming and within a week I felt like a true member of the family. On 成人の日, (coming of age day) they took me to get a family photo in traditional Japanese dress. The two children were so much fun. They were sooning called me big brother and we would play together every day. My family only speaks Japanese so my Japanese has improved so fast. As well as this my host mother would cook delicious Japanese food for us every night and even asks me what I would like most for dinner. On some nights I would cook and everyone would gather round so I could teach them my recipes. I can’t think of any better advice to other Japanese exchange students than to stay with a host family. I have had such an amazing time and I don’t want to leave. I know when I do leave I will always stay in contact with my host family. They will always be a second family to me.

[USA]Michael Abbott

I had an overwhelmingly positive experience with the Fumoto family. They were all wonderfully welcoming to a foreigner like me and truly brought me into their family. The mother made sure to cook as many (and as much) Japanese dishes as she could think of including takoyaki, okonomiyaki, unagi, sukiyaki, sazae, and many others. One night, she had the children and I attempt to make gyoza for her to cook, shown in the first attached photo. The children got me out of the house to play with me and show me what being seven and four years old in Japan is like. The family also made sure I had as complete an exposure to the culture as possible. They brought me to a family barbecue, pictured in the second attached photo, where we played suikawari, volleyball, and baseball and enjoyed some delicious cooked meat. They also took me on a day trip to Kyoto to visit two famous temples, Kinkakuji and Kiyomizu-dera (pictured in the third attached photo). Additionally, they organized a tour of the Asahi brewery and a nighttime visit to Banpaku kinen koen for a night carnival complete with fireworks. They always made sure to support me in my professional work by coming to see my final research presentation and personally, welcoming me home after climbing Mt. Fuji with a warm meal ready. Overall, I cannot say enough good things about this lovely family whom I will miss dearly.

Different places to stay in Japan

Condominium (“Mansion”)
single room image
bed room image

Here are the locations you can homestay through us

Nextage has about 5,000 home stay families registered all throughout Japan!

Nextage’s Homestay Support

・First, we’ll send you our Homestay Orientation materials in the mail.
⇒You will learn about homestaying in Japan before you depart.

・Post-arrival Orientation
⇒ We’ll provide an informative and helpful orientation over the phone or in person to those staying more than 2 weeks.

・English speaking support staff
⇒ If you have a question about Japanese culture, need advice or support on your homestay, or just have any concerns at all, just let us know; we’ll help you out.

・24-hour emergency support
⇒ We’ll provide you with an emergency contact number you can use to get in touch with us at any time.

Homestay Program Prices

◆Homestay Arrangement Fee
 JPY15,000 + Tax

◆Homestay Fees
– 2 meal plan (breakfast and dinner)  Per night JPY4,000+Tax

◆Optional services
・One-way pick-up service from the airport to your homestay. One-way JPY3,000+Tax
※Members of our friendly staff will meet you at the airport. Please preparing your trance fee by your self.
Please note you will using public transportation. We will ride with you to your homestay.

◆Please Note:
・ Unlike a guest house or hostel, host families volunteer their time and living space. The prices above include only the arrangement fee and an amount that covers actual living expenses.
・We kindly ask our guests to arrange their arrival meeting time on the start date to match their host family’s schedule.
* Generally, guests arrive at their homestay sometime from 5 to 6 pm.
・ In most cases, the designated meeting place is at the station nearest to the host family’s home.
・A cancellation fee will be charged for any cancellations made after your host family has been decided.

How to Apply

Step 1: Inquiry
Tell us your plans! We will check if there is a family available in the area(s) you wish to visit.
・ Please fill out the inquiry form.
・ Application must be made 4 weeks before your planned visit.
For stays starting earlier than 4 weeks later, please remember to check with us directly before applying.
Step 2: Application
Fill out the application form and pay the program fees.
Step 3: Host Family Info
We will send you information about your host family (usually 1 week before your planned start date)
Step 4: Confirmation
We will send you information about the place and time you will meet your family.
Step 5: Meet the Family!
Enjoy your visit!