TIJ Tokyo Institute of Japanese (Tokyo)

With 30 years of history behind us since its establishment in 1991, we offer a curriculum that will help you achieve your dreams. We support our students in everything from daily life to life planning, and we have built a family-like bond since 1991. Why don't you take the first step towards your dream through learning Japanese language with us?

No. of StudentsMaximum 298
No. of ClassesMaximum 18 classes
Class Size5 to 15 students
(For the purpose of measures against the coronavirus, we conduct classes in a small group)
No. of Levels5 levels from beginner to advanced level
(beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate, high-intermediate and advanced)
Major Nationalities representedChina, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Others
Age LimitsOver 18 years old
Start DatesJanuary, April, July, October
Minimum Enrollment3 months
AccommodationStudent dormitory, affiliated dormitories, shared accommodation and homestay can be arranged
School Details●Classes emphasizing communication and interaction between the instructor and students.

●A wide range of Japanese language courses to meet the needs of foreigners living in Japan, business people, corporate training, etc.

●High level Japanese language education provided by Japanese language teachers with an average of approximately15 years of teaching experience.

●curriculum that meets the needs of students who wish to enter universities, graduate schools, vocational schools, or find employment

●Training corse for Japanese language teachers and development and research of Japanese language teaching materials

●TIJ is conveniently located within 15 minutes by train from Akihabara, the centre of youth culture, and Asakusa, a famous tourist spot.  

●Easy to live in, with a large shopping street and many shops in the near area from the school