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Study in Japan!

What would you like to study?
What do you know about Japan? What would you like to know? There is so much to learn and explore here _ language, culture, history... art and entertainment both old and new in the world of Japanese anime or film, and much more. You can study at one of hundreds of schools, or explore Japan on your own. Japanese are, on the whole, very proud of their culture and the people you will meet and experiences you have here will certainly be something you will treasure for years to come.

All roads lead toc Japan?
Many people around the world grew up with Japanese cartoons, video games and movies, and whatfs more, tools like the Internet have made Japanese culture easier to access and more popular than it ever has been before. Japanese language, electronics, anime, fashion, music and more _ wouldn't you like to see where it all comes from? Japan's culture is unique in many surprising ways, and is best experienced in person! Whether you come for the rich history and art, the beautiful scenery, the cutting-edge technology and fashion, or the language and delicious food, there's much to discover here.

Living in and learning from Japan
One of the most valuable parts of studying abroad is how it gives you the chance to learn about your own culture, and yourself. Japan has a unique culture that can look European on the outside but is actually quite different. Many things will surprise you after you arrive in Japan; often things that you weren't expecting _ "There's so many vending machines!" or "There's so much English on TV and on things in the store!" Other things take a little time to sink in before they surprise you, such as differences in culture, personality and customs. By living in Japan, studying the language, talking with the people around you, joining in cultural events, you will get to know Japan, and more importantly, yourself.

Working in Japan
If you are interested in working in Japan, know this: raw Japanese language ability and work history are definitely needed, but what you really need to know is how to really communicate with people in Japan. Many people can speak Japanese; wouldn't you like to be someone who can speak to Japanese? The key to the Japanese language lies in understanding the culture and customs of Japan, and studying abroad will give you the chance to learn about both. Modern Japan is in need of workers in many industries as the population ages and "internationalization" moves forward, and the experience you gain will give you a valuable advantage in an increasingly tight market.

Do you have a dream?
Wherever your "dream" lies _ be it mastering the language, becoming a manga artist, fashion designer, visiting famous cities like Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo, or something smaller like finally seeing where those video games you played as a kid were created _ talk about it with the people you meet. You will find that many people share the same dreams!

Deciding how long to stay in Japan
How long would you like to stay in Japan? The longer you stay here, the more you can learn. However, that also means living expenses, tuition, and transportation costs will go up as well. When deciding how long to stay in Japan, you should consider what your goals are and balance accordingly. Looking up Japanese visa types and lengths is also a good idea.

Places to Learn

[Japanese Language School]
Just as the name suggests, Japanese language school is the place to go if you want to study Japanese full time. Unlike most universities or vocational schools, you can start from a complete beginner level, and generally study however long you would like. Many students go on to study at other schools after Japanese language school.
Many schools also teach the unspoken "rules" and customs of Japan, giving you a deeper understanding of the country and people. The best thing about Japanese language school is, you can make friends from around the world, something that is usually not possible with just a homestay.
>Japanese Language School

[Vocational School]
Vocational Schools are places where people gain skills and knowledge for living and working in Japan. Most vocational school programs are two years in length, and start in April every year. Graduates receive a "senmonshi" or technical degree that helps greatly with finding employment. There are hundreds of vocational schools all over Japan with countless areas of study, including medicine, engineering, business, education, social welfare, carpentry, fashion design, agriculture, Japanese education, anime (animation), 3D graphic and graphic design, culinary skills, travel, hotel management, etc.
>Vocational School

A large percentage of high school graduates choose to go on to university in Japan. Unlike many western countries, getting into the university is usually the most challenging part, and every year there are many students who fail the university entrance exams and must study for another year (known as "Ronin", a term traditionally used for wandering samurai). For the study abroad student, a university is a great chance to make connections with Japanese students that will last long after graduation. Universities have many groups and circles, volunteer activities and of course, parties you can attend. Just remember that just studying at a university is not enough -- you have to go out and talk, make friends, and get involved. You won't regret it!

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