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Places to visit in Saitama

Kawagoe CastleKawagoe Castle

Dating back to the mid-15th century, the castle town of Kawagoe, during the Edo period (1603-1867), had been under the reign of powerful feudal lords as a vital defense point for Edo. While most of the castle structures were dismantled during the Meiji period (late 19th century), the stately entrance and main hall of Honmaru Goten, built in 1848, have survived. Within hailing distance is the City Museum designed to introduce virtually everything about Kawagoe through valuable artifacts, exhibits, scale models and audio-visual presentations.

Saitama Sin-toshinSaitama Sin-toshin

The Saitama shin-toshin urban center was opened in May 2000 as the "new face " of Saitama City. The complex is next to the JR Saitama shin-toshin Sta. and is comprised of various facilities such as the futuristic Saitama Super arena as well as lodging accommodations, shopping and dining facilities. The Saitama Super Arena, a movable facility that can hold a various events from a small to a large-scale one, is especially well known as it houses a museum dedicated to John Lennon of "The Beatles" fame. Hence it attracts a large number of visitors and families on weekends and holidays. At Keyaki-Hiroba square, with full of verdure, events like flea markets take place from time to time. Why not join us and pay a visit to the Saitama Shin-toshin?

Nagatoro River PassageNagatoro River Passage

The geology of Nagatoro is typified by exposed terraces of chlorite schist, a type of crystalline schist. Manyother types of schist formations are found in the area and are known collectively as Nagatoro metamorphic rocks. Seen from above, the schist terraces or "tatami stones" look like tatami mats; they have been designated as a national Natural Monument. The opposite wall of the gorge is the Nagatoro Red Wall, named after the famous Red Wall cliffs of China.


The deep valley has been carved by the stream of Nakatsu River, which flows all the way from Jumonji Pass at the border with Nagano Prefecture. The virgin forest looks fascinating in the fresh green or in the autumn colors, praised as the best scenic beauty in the Okuchichibu area. Designated as a prefectural scenic spot.

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